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Dr. Joseph Palumbo

Medical Director

I have experience in several fields of medicine. I have worked in addiction medicine, providing therapy to patients unfortunately addicted to opiates. Also, I have enjoyed the practice of aesthetics. I am a licensed botox and medical filler physician. For the past eight years, I have serviced different areas of Ohio with their aesthetic needs. Moreover, I am a Hormone replacement therapist for men. Providing men the opportunity to regain the lifestyle and activity they want has been an important and fulfilling aspect of my career. While doing all of this, I have gained a gateway into the vastness of telemedicine for the past five years. I have procured the medical licenses of all of the states in the United States. As a result, I can provide medical care in any aspect above in any state of the US. I have had a rewarding career thus far, but medicine has changed dramatically. Telemedicine is a fantastic part of the ever-changing landscape of what medicine can offer and do for a patient. What Infinite Health & Wellness is doing and has done is just short of unimaginable. With my experience and capabilities in medicine, I help provide Infinite Health & Wellness an opportunity to carry out their vision to everyone in our country and in many different types of medical areas. I look forward to helping you as a patient improve your health and wellness.

Gabriel Helms

Lead I.V. Specialist 

PNOÉ Metabolic Breath Analysis Administrator

Gabriel has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Northwest Missouri State University in Corporate Recreation & Wellness. Along with being a Certified PNOÉ Metabolic Breath Analysis Administrator, he’s a Nationally Licensed Paramedic with the ability to administer Custom IV Infusions and Injectable Vitamins. Having spent time in the NFL, NFL-Europe, CFL, and AFL Gabriel has seen first-hand the life-long health advantages this type of advanced testing/feedback can provide. He’d love to help you find the advantage you’re seeking whether it be for life longevity, weight loss, or competition!

If you cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours notice, your card will be charged for 50% of the anticipated cost of the service.

However, you will receive a 50% discount on your next service appointment.

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